Reputation Management

Control, build, and promote your online reputation!

Control, build, and promote your online reputation!

Your Online Reputation Matters

Customer reviews can either make or hurt your online reputation. It is unfortunate, that majority of consumers that are motivated to leave a review often leave a negative review. With our Los Angeles Reputation Management Software, you can gain more positive customer reviews on ANY review site of your choice, and handle any of those unfavorable reviews privately.

Client Reputation Management Dashboard

Get Full Control of Online Listings

How many opportunities do you think you have missed by not being listed on online directories? With our listings management tool included with our reputation management solution, you can quickly gain access to all of your listings in one place. You will find all opportunities with the click of a button!

Get Customer Reviews On The Sites That Are Most Important To You

With our ReviewMe platform, you can select the review site(s) you want your positive reviews displayed. You can choose from over 50 review sites including Yelp, Facebook, Google, Car Gurus, and more!

Minimize Negative Reviews with CopyCat Media Review Me

Negative Reviews Prevention

Most negative reviews are caused by a simple misunderstanding that could be prevented. By pre-qualifying reviewers with our 5-star rating system, clients that would have left negative reviews are brought to a form where you can handle the issue privately. This now gives you a chance to solve the issue before they leave a public review.

Monitor Your Reputation

Not only can you increase your reviews, with our software you can monitor reviews left anywhere so that you can quickly respond in case you want to.

Reputation Mangement PDF Reports

Reputation Reporting

With CopyCat Media's ReviewMe Software, you can generate reports to track or give to your employees, managers, or other business partners. You can produce this report in PDF or web-based form.

  • Ratings Distribution
  • Overall Average Rating
  • Review Volume and Distribution
  • Individual Review Details
  • Aggregate Reviews & Ratings Over Time

You Can Auto-Post To Social Media

Auto-Post your positive reviews to social media to keep your stream full of positive sentiments. Just add your social media accounts, set the schedule, and the software does the rest for you!

Check Your Online Reputation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Working Together

Start Impoving Your Online Reviews Today!

How It Works

First Step
Sign Up & Install Widget

Just sign up and install your widget. You can use it anywhere you want – on your website, your thank you page, your email footer, or even send it to your entire email list. You can custom select on which sites you want to improve your reviews!

Second Step
Your Clients Rate You

Your Customers rate you using a thumbs-up/down scale. Anything less than thumbs-up prompts the reviewer to a private form that can notify you, preventing negative public reviews! Any thumbs-up ratings are prompted to leave a review on the website(s) of your choice!

Third Step
Your Reviews Skyrockets

Your review scores go up on the sites that matter most to you. Which helps tremendously with conversions, rankings, and trust! Additionally, you can place a review carousel on your website to display all the positive reviews you’ve collected.

Take Control of Your Online Reputation Now!